For years, the land upon which the city of Ithsar has been built was on the border of two powerful kingdoms. One, ruled by King Garon, has within the last several years seen an aggressive territory expansion. One of the victims of this expansion was the nation of King Calabreth, a country where the people were happy and the taxes were fair. The war between Garon and Calabreth raged for several years before Garon emerged victorious, although originally it had been predicted that Garon’s forces would easily overwhelm the army of
Calabreth. At the end of the conflict, Calabreth himself went into hiding in order to keep himself safe to revive his kingdom when the time was ripe. After Calabreth’s escape, Garon branded him a coward and pronounced him dead. That was two years ago. Now the newly conquered areas of King Garon’s nation are filled with unrest caused by higher taxes, while the people of the victorious nation enjoy a newly found wealth. Due to this unpopular new king, a resistance has formed against King Garon, and the spearhead of the rebellion can be found in the city of Ithsar.

Upon the Rocks of Ithsar

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