Upon the Rocks of Ithsar

Re-Killing the Mummies
The party finds and finishes the mummies

*The party resupplies and gathers information on mummies in general. They then set out on their way to the ruins.

*The party gets to the ruins with no incident, the only oddity was a giant centipede in the distance when the party was in the desert.

*Entering the ruins, the party worked together to nullify threats and traps while searching for the mummies.

*The party engaged the mummies in a smart and slow fashion, killing the majority while remaining safe, only getting close for the last 3 mummies. After all was done, 3 party members, Aydhee, Bennara, and Elren, were infected with mummy rot.

*In the treasure room there was a basin of healing water of which the party partook, a throne which all but Aydhee sat on, and a statue of a skeleton warrior that sprang to life when touched, and was sequentially killed.

*During that time a vampire appeared from his room through the roof, and drained Bennara and Roger of levels, and was then beaten nearly to death when he retreated to his coffin in gaseous form.

*Before leaving with all the loot, Elren found a room that connected to some sort of void, and stepped through, getting stuck.

*The rest of the party ran back to town, traded away all the loot from the ruins, and restored their rot, their levels, and got a way to get Elren out of the void.

The First Loss
The party can't complete what they set out to do

*The party needs money to purchase passage to Elren’s kingdom. They accept a quest to retrieve a scroll for Tralth. The scroll is located in a set of ruins one week to the east, and is guarded by mummies.

*The party found another adventuring group led by a Priest named Elegee to accompany them in their quest.

*After several days out on the road, the combined parties are ambushed by a group of Hell Hounds. The battle is fierce and people of both parties are comatosed by the hounds.

*Near the end of the battle, Elren decides to turn on Elegee and the remaining member of his party. Elren would have succeeded, but Elegee’s god decided to save his party.

*Now alone, Elren had to kill the remaining Hell Hounds. After finishing them, he was practically dead himself. The only way to save himself and the rest of his party, he prays to a devil, and is given a way to heal himself and his party.

*The party continues to the ruins without further incident. At the ruins, Aydhee decides to scout ahead, and ends up getting killed in a trap. The rest of the party retrieve him, and return to town.

*In town, Aydhee is raised, Elren finds Elegee and confronts him, only managing to further anger him, as the rest of his party died in the ruins.

The Slaying of the party's first Dragon

*The party left from Baglavan’s farm to search for the rumored hobgoblin tribe.

*The party found the hobgoblin’s home in a local, abandoned, dwarven stronghold. After being escorted into the throne room, Bennara made a deal to recruit 4 hobgoblins on as guards for the party’s caravan.

*The entire group headed towards the city of Tralain. On the way the paty encountered a group of travelers who claimed to be rebels. They provided the party with a contact within the rebellion for when they reached Tralain.

*After coming to Tralain, the party heard about bounties to kill a dragon, a group of minotaurs, a group of mummies, or a succubus. The majority vote was for the dragon.

*While the rest of the party was gathering supplies, Aydhee went on a date with Tabitha

*Once the party departed for the Vally of the Green Forest they arrived with no incident.

*Aydhee then scouted out the lair of the White Dragon and the party planned their ambush.

*Even after some parts of the plan going awry, the party managed to slay the dragon as it tried to flee from its lair, causing the dragon, Aydhee, and Elren to end up at the bottom of the mountain they were on.

*In the loot was a Deck of Many Things, which Elren drew from twice. One card caused Atos to turn on him, and the other gave him a small kingdom. After Atos shot Elren with arrows, he was promptly slain by the rest of the party.

*After the party returned to Tralain with their spoils, the party had enough hide to produce a suit of armor for each of them, and enough organs for Aydhee to have the left eye of the dragon implanted to function as his own.

*Now the party is preparing to depart with the elves in order to receive their new armor.

*The party also has a meeting with the leader of the city of Tralain, but they are unsure when they want to have this meeting.

End of the Bugbear Threat
The slaughter of the bugbear tribe, and the valiant death of the Berserkers

*The party bought supplies for traveling in a small town

*Aydhee asked around for information on the bugbear tribe, and found Ravan, a young farm boy who had seen the bugbears not far from his farm.

*After acquiring their supplies, the party accompanied Ravan back to his farm, while also gifting him with Roger’s guard dog Maximus and purchasing a draft horse from him.

*The farm was owned by a man named Balero, who let the party sleep in his barn. During this time, Bennara spent some of his time sleeping with Balero’s wife.

*While foraging for supplies for Elren, the party came across signs of other life in the woods near the farmhouse.

*The party met with a group of Berserkers who were led by Ragnor. The group negotiated with the Berserkers to accompany them to do battle with the tribe of bugbears.

*The joint force then launched an assault on the bugbear tribe, slaughtering all of them, but also loosing all of the Berserkers in the process.

*Elren and Roger needed time to rest for various reasons, so they stayed at the farmhouse while Aydhee and Bennara went to the city of Tralain to convert the treasure the party had received.

*On the way, Aydhee and Bennara ran into both a group of bandits, who they quickly dispatched, and another traveling adventurer, who introduced himself as Vale. As Vale was leaving, Aydhee pledged his blade to him if there was ever to be a call to arms.

*After making the conversions and buying their supplies, Aydhee and Bennara returned to the farmhouse. The party made ready, gave Balero 200 gold for his trouble, and set out for more adventure.

The Escape
The party flees Ithsar

*Aydhee and Roger went to the resistance and offered their help. They were told to post notices about the city that stated that Calabreth had returned.

*Aydhee, Roger and Elwren went and posted 5 notices throughout town, but ended up alerting the town guard and a chase ensued, but the characters managed to escape.

*The next morning Aydhee is taken into council with Sheldongras, and told that he needed to find out who placed the notices in town within 3 days, or else.

*The party decided to use those 3 days to steal several horses in order to make good their escape.

*Several days out of town, the party discovered a group of bugbears beset by devil dogs. The party chose to aid the bugbears in their plight.

*After heading on their way, the party discovered that the bugbear warband was following them. After causing a rock slide that killed several of the bugbears, the party went on to the next town.

The Beginning
The Party makes friends
  1. Aydhee, Roger and Elsrin met up within the town of Ithsar. During the night there were several murders that both Aydhee and Roger took note of. Roger, interested in curbing the amount of recent nightly killings set up a meeting with the city councilman, Sheldongras. During the meeting Roger brought up the incidents and eventually volunteered the party to handle the situation, scheduling a meeting with Sheldongras and the rest of the party. Unfortunately Roger became intoxicated during the night, slowly becoming Wilhelm. That night Aydhee and Wilhelm had some conflict at the local bar, the Cutlass. Caught up in those events, the meeting slipped the mind of Wilhelm and the time came and went. Instead the party went the next day when Wilhelm had sobered up and returned to being Roger. At the meeting the Party was contracted to turn up the culprits of the recent murders, people suspected of being loyal to the recently displaced King Calabreth. The next day Aydhee and Roger found a person suspect of being part of the rebellion and captured him. After some negotiations, they agreed to sell him back to the rebelion for 25 gold, all the while the captive insisted that he was not working for a rebellion and simply avenging his raped sister.
    Deciding to put off the rebellion issue for a later date, the party set off to kill a local infestation of hill giants. On the way there, they encountered the dwarf Bamara, and decided to work with him. When they arrived there, the group realized they were sorely overmatched. After making this realization, the party waited for a group of more powerful adventures, The Iron Hearts, to begin the assault and aided them in their attack. After killing the giants, the Iron Hearts took the majority of the loot and went about their business. The party then took what was left and returned to town.

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