Upon the Rocks of Ithsar

Re-Killing the Mummies

The party finds and finishes the mummies

*The party resupplies and gathers information on mummies in general. They then set out on their way to the ruins.

*The party gets to the ruins with no incident, the only oddity was a giant centipede in the distance when the party was in the desert.

*Entering the ruins, the party worked together to nullify threats and traps while searching for the mummies.

*The party engaged the mummies in a smart and slow fashion, killing the majority while remaining safe, only getting close for the last 3 mummies. After all was done, 3 party members, Aydhee, Bennara, and Elren, were infected with mummy rot.

*In the treasure room there was a basin of healing water of which the party partook, a throne which all but Aydhee sat on, and a statue of a skeleton warrior that sprang to life when touched, and was sequentially killed.

*During that time a vampire appeared from his room through the roof, and drained Bennara and Roger of levels, and was then beaten nearly to death when he retreated to his coffin in gaseous form.

*Before leaving with all the loot, Elren found a room that connected to some sort of void, and stepped through, getting stuck.

*The rest of the party ran back to town, traded away all the loot from the ruins, and restored their rot, their levels, and got a way to get Elren out of the void.



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