Upon the Rocks of Ithsar

The Beginning

The Party makes friends

  1. Aydhee, Roger and Elsrin met up within the town of Ithsar. During the night there were several murders that both Aydhee and Roger took note of. Roger, interested in curbing the amount of recent nightly killings set up a meeting with the city councilman, Sheldongras. During the meeting Roger brought up the incidents and eventually volunteered the party to handle the situation, scheduling a meeting with Sheldongras and the rest of the party. Unfortunately Roger became intoxicated during the night, slowly becoming Wilhelm. That night Aydhee and Wilhelm had some conflict at the local bar, the Cutlass. Caught up in those events, the meeting slipped the mind of Wilhelm and the time came and went. Instead the party went the next day when Wilhelm had sobered up and returned to being Roger. At the meeting the Party was contracted to turn up the culprits of the recent murders, people suspected of being loyal to the recently displaced King Calabreth. The next day Aydhee and Roger found a person suspect of being part of the rebellion and captured him. After some negotiations, they agreed to sell him back to the rebelion for 25 gold, all the while the captive insisted that he was not working for a rebellion and simply avenging his raped sister.
    Deciding to put off the rebellion issue for a later date, the party set off to kill a local infestation of hill giants. On the way there, they encountered the dwarf Bamara, and decided to work with him. When they arrived there, the group realized they were sorely overmatched. After making this realization, the party waited for a group of more powerful adventures, The Iron Hearts, to begin the assault and aided them in their attack. After killing the giants, the Iron Hearts took the majority of the loot and went about their business. The party then took what was left and returned to town.



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