Upon the Rocks of Ithsar

The Escape

The party flees Ithsar

*Aydhee and Roger went to the resistance and offered their help. They were told to post notices about the city that stated that Calabreth had returned.

*Aydhee, Roger and Elwren went and posted 5 notices throughout town, but ended up alerting the town guard and a chase ensued, but the characters managed to escape.

*The next morning Aydhee is taken into council with Sheldongras, and told that he needed to find out who placed the notices in town within 3 days, or else.

*The party decided to use those 3 days to steal several horses in order to make good their escape.

*Several days out of town, the party discovered a group of bugbears beset by devil dogs. The party chose to aid the bugbears in their plight.

*After heading on their way, the party discovered that the bugbear warband was following them. After causing a rock slide that killed several of the bugbears, the party went on to the next town.



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