Upon the Rocks of Ithsar

The First Loss

The party can't complete what they set out to do

*The party needs money to purchase passage to Elren’s kingdom. They accept a quest to retrieve a scroll for Tralth. The scroll is located in a set of ruins one week to the east, and is guarded by mummies.

*The party found another adventuring group led by a Priest named Elegee to accompany them in their quest.

*After several days out on the road, the combined parties are ambushed by a group of Hell Hounds. The battle is fierce and people of both parties are comatosed by the hounds.

*Near the end of the battle, Elren decides to turn on Elegee and the remaining member of his party. Elren would have succeeded, but Elegee’s god decided to save his party.

*Now alone, Elren had to kill the remaining Hell Hounds. After finishing them, he was practically dead himself. The only way to save himself and the rest of his party, he prays to a devil, and is given a way to heal himself and his party.

*The party continues to the ruins without further incident. At the ruins, Aydhee decides to scout ahead, and ends up getting killed in a trap. The rest of the party retrieve him, and return to town.

*In town, Aydhee is raised, Elren finds Elegee and confronts him, only managing to further anger him, as the rest of his party died in the ruins.



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