Upon the Rocks of Ithsar

The Slaying of the party's first Dragon

*The party left from Baglavan’s farm to search for the rumored hobgoblin tribe.

*The party found the hobgoblin’s home in a local, abandoned, dwarven stronghold. After being escorted into the throne room, Bennara made a deal to recruit 4 hobgoblins on as guards for the party’s caravan.

*The entire group headed towards the city of Tralain. On the way the paty encountered a group of travelers who claimed to be rebels. They provided the party with a contact within the rebellion for when they reached Tralain.

*After coming to Tralain, the party heard about bounties to kill a dragon, a group of minotaurs, a group of mummies, or a succubus. The majority vote was for the dragon.

*While the rest of the party was gathering supplies, Aydhee went on a date with Tabitha

*Once the party departed for the Vally of the Green Forest they arrived with no incident.

*Aydhee then scouted out the lair of the White Dragon and the party planned their ambush.

*Even after some parts of the plan going awry, the party managed to slay the dragon as it tried to flee from its lair, causing the dragon, Aydhee, and Elren to end up at the bottom of the mountain they were on.

*In the loot was a Deck of Many Things, which Elren drew from twice. One card caused Atos to turn on him, and the other gave him a small kingdom. After Atos shot Elren with arrows, he was promptly slain by the rest of the party.

*After the party returned to Tralain with their spoils, the party had enough hide to produce a suit of armor for each of them, and enough organs for Aydhee to have the left eye of the dragon implanted to function as his own.

*Now the party is preparing to depart with the elves in order to receive their new armor.

*The party also has a meeting with the leader of the city of Tralain, but they are unsure when they want to have this meeting.



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