Upon the Rocks of Ithsar

End of the Bugbear Threat

The slaughter of the bugbear tribe, and the valiant death of the Berserkers

*The party bought supplies for traveling in a small town

*Aydhee asked around for information on the bugbear tribe, and found Ravan, a young farm boy who had seen the bugbears not far from his farm.

*After acquiring their supplies, the party accompanied Ravan back to his farm, while also gifting him with Roger’s guard dog Maximus and purchasing a draft horse from him.

*The farm was owned by a man named Balero, who let the party sleep in his barn. During this time, Bennara spent some of his time sleeping with Balero’s wife.

*While foraging for supplies for Elren, the party came across signs of other life in the woods near the farmhouse.

*The party met with a group of Berserkers who were led by Ragnor. The group negotiated with the Berserkers to accompany them to do battle with the tribe of bugbears.

*The joint force then launched an assault on the bugbear tribe, slaughtering all of them, but also loosing all of the Berserkers in the process.

*Elren and Roger needed time to rest for various reasons, so they stayed at the farmhouse while Aydhee and Bennara went to the city of Tralain to convert the treasure the party had received.

*On the way, Aydhee and Bennara ran into both a group of bandits, who they quickly dispatched, and another traveling adventurer, who introduced himself as Vale. As Vale was leaving, Aydhee pledged his blade to him if there was ever to be a call to arms.

*After making the conversions and buying their supplies, Aydhee and Bennara returned to the farmhouse. The party made ready, gave Balero 200 gold for his trouble, and set out for more adventure.



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